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General questions

Why most of bitumen buyers buying from Iran?

Most of bitumen buyer buying bitumen from Iran
Iran bitumen has below advantage:

1. Price is lowest

2. Quality is highest

3. Dealer are professional in bitumen business

4. Delivey is quick

5. Location of Iran is stratigic and has access to various market.

6. A lot of Iraning marketing bitumen at site so Iran bitumen is one big brands!

Why Iran Bitume price is lower in the Middle East?

Iran bitumen price is lowest in the Middle East

Iran producing big volume of bitumen compare to other countries and able to sell based on compititve rate. So volume is advantage to bring down the Bitumen price.

Differences of bitumen price in bulk and drum

Differences of Bitumen price in bulk and drum.

Bitumen price FOB of Bandar Abbas in differs packing in bulk and drum is 50$ differences.

Today price (17 July 2016)bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 in drum is 230$ per ton and bulk is 180$ so bulk bitumen is cheaper based on 50$ compare drum bitumen.

What diffrent grades of DAE process oil?

there are differnt grades of process oil DAE as below :

DAE 10 , DAE 11 , DAE 20 , DAE 40 ,DAE 50 , DAE 60

Why rubber process oil / DAE price has been increased recently?

since source of cruid oil has been decreased rubber process oil price increased in all over the world .

What is Plasticizers in rubber industry?

what is dispersants in rubber industry ?

it is some kind of additive which increase the plasticity or fluidity of a material, it is called also as dispersants and main usage is in plastic industries.